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You can download an older Records archive in zipped Excel  format.
courtesy of Mel Davies.

This is no longer being updated but we are continuing to work on the database of all events. At the moment you can search almost 21 complete years of WA race results for individual results, results x courses and so on.
The focus has been on ATTA events of course and in several instances, where there has been, possibly, a better time set in a non-ATTA event on the same course, the recorded time is noted here as ATTA-rec.

Course Records Page

If you want all the current individual course records they are right here. They include data for a number of abandoned courses.

These are not automatically updated (yet) so, if a particular course is missing or shows an out-of-date result, please let us know via the link to the Feedback form on the records page.

ATTA-NSW, TITTA and ATTA-Vic records are here too

The Results Database

The Hilly Gallery: Past designs for the Hilly shirts