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The Panther Trophy
26 Aug 2017

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In consideration of the Australian Time Trials Association Inc. accepting my application to ride in this event, I agree that the association, its members and officials will not be held responsible for any personal injury or property damage or loss suffered by me. I also release the association from any liability for negligence.
I acknowledge that in time trials I will be riding at my own risk, usually on public roads with other traffic where I must obey traffic regulations. I further understand that time trialling is an endurance sport which requires a high degree of physical fitness and accept the risk that I may suffer illness or injury if I take part in such a sport while insufficiently fit or healthy.
I further agree to accept the association's rules for race conduct and understand where severe weather conditions or other hazardous situations occur before or during any time trial, the organisers have the right to cancel, postpone or otherwise modify the event and entry fees may not be refundable.
Finally, if I accept the loan of a timing transponder, I accept the responsibility for the return of the device in good condition at the end of the event and agree to reimburse ATTA for its loss or damage.

Sending this form implies the person named herein has agreed to the above conditions.

Listed below are the names of people who, using this form, have pre-registered for the above event.
The list does not include those who have submitted pre-registrations by other means.

Usually the start list will be posted on this website four days before the event.

Rob Cassian
Natalie dibona
MEgan Stalker
Stephen Mc shane
Riccardo Divita
Matt bowker
Kate meenan
John Jordan
Gary Andrews
Patrick Woods
Nilss johnstone
Nicole Johnson
Dion Lazic
Matthew Tognini
Nathan Blackwell
Briee Rogers
Neil Rattray
Shane Stone
Mark Anastasas
Steff Van Amerongen
Marcus Goldberg
Sharon Sharman
Kieran White
Andrew White
Bruce Rollerson
Michelle McGOWAN
Lorraine MacLennan
Lorraine MacLennan
John Clark
Peter Vaughan
Martin Hendrick
David Equid
Jenny Sammons
ian skidmore
Dale Munroe
Emmett Fenlon
Stu Helm
Alex Cairnduff
Luba Kovalenko
Thomas Walsh
Tom Ford
Wayne Flanagan
Callum Montgomery
Brendon Meney
Sonya Debenham
James Debenham
Jonty Calder
Alison Ramm
Thom Perry
Mop blackwell
Guy Kalma
Peter Grevett
Lily Grevett
Bill Darby
Sandy Carlton
Emma Molloy
William Lendrum
Emma Lendrum
Troy Coulthard
Karl Mcintyre
Annie Bramley
Kim van amerongen