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Winter by the Lakes 1
11 Jun 2017

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In consideration of the Australian Time Trials Association Inc. accepting my application to ride in this event, I agree that the association, its members and officials will not be held responsible for any personal injury or property damage or loss suffered by me. I also release the association from any liability for negligence.
I acknowledge that in time trials I will be riding at my own risk on public roads with other traffic and must obey traffic regulations. I further understand that time trialling is an endurance sport which requires a high degree of physical fitness and accept the risk that I may suffer illness or injury if I take part in such a sport while insufficiently fit or healthy.
I further agree to accept the association's rules for race conduct and understand where severe weather conditions or other hazardous situations occur before or during any time trial, the organisers have the right to cancel, postpone or otherwise modify the event and entry fees may not be refundable.
Finally, if I accept the loan of a timing transponder, I accept the responsibility for the return of the device in good condition at the end of the event and agree to reimburse ATTA for its loss or damage.

Sending this form implies the person named herein has agreed to the above conditions.

Listed below are the names of people who, using this form, have pre-registered for the above event.
The list does not include those who have submitted pre-registrations by other means.

Usually the start list will be posted on this website four days before the event.

Derek Munro
Michelle Grimes
Claire Brown
Nige Young
Ollie Repton
Merrill Lombard
Lewis McCrea
Margaret Gollagher
Margaret Gollagher
Justin Ghosh
Mark Berry
Kyla Gilbertson
Simon breheny
Simon breheny
Heiko Potzeldt
Jo Blacker
Luba Kovalenko
Troy Coulthard
John Healy
Denny Teede
Stephen Morahan
Shane Epiha
Sabine Bird
Mark Schneider
Phillip Deisel
Andrew White
Abigail Smeaton
Chris Roberts
Colin Rose
Colin Rose
Colin Rose
Wayne Deany
Kieran Scott
Don Dragicevich
David Equid
Tom Barratt
Andrew Ballam
Steff Van Amerongen
Karen Lloyd
Michelle Mclintock
Lennon Mclintock
James Martin
Kim Van amerongen
Craig Beeching
Stu Helm
Stacey Thomas
John Sonego
Jenny Sammons
Peter Vaughan
Karl McIntyre
Simon Chester
Patrick Saccani-Williams
Thomas Kavanagh
Richard Langsford
Guy Pritchard
Johann Botha
Taj Wisewould
ian skidmore
Sherilyn Mathewson
Brooke Colton
Andrew Matthews
James Derrick
Sean Mahony
Michael Claffey
Rory Slabbert
Rory Slabbert
Hamish Goater
Ricky Thackray
Nigel Stella
Steven McKiernan
Emily Mascaro
Jarred Anderson
Mike Holmes
Michael McDonnell
Dharlia Haines
Neil McDougall
Mike halls
Sebastian Evans
Andrew Candy
David Thompson
Louise M McKay
Christian Trulsson
Javier Vasquez
Hayden Long
Greg Perry
joey chau
Wade Burgoyne
Shannon Miraglia
Joseph Battaglia
Clint MAY
Andy Lawrence
julie Humphreys
Aron Barclay
Paul Humphreys
Sašia Taylor
Megan Gammie
Bruce Rollerson
Darren Wright
William Lendrum
Emma Lendrum
sarah hunter
Matt Burton
Eamon Dorricott
Mark de Castro
Tony Doherty
Anthony Doherty
Glenn French
Alistair Patterson
Peter Lundberg
Belinda Evans
Phil Gyford
Claudia Dohr
Sally Churchill
John Andrews
Brooke Colton
Amanda Nabi
Lachlan Connan
Matthew Connan
Heather Connan
Adčlia Neethling
Adam Scott