The name of the body will be "The Australian Time Trials Association" and will be referred to herein as the Association.


The objects of the Association will be to advance, promote and encourage the sport of cycling time trials on public roads and to affiliate with other bodies whose objects are of like nature.


3.1 Membership will be open to all categories of rider the designation of which may be varied from time to time.

3.2 There will be one class of membership only.

3.3 Membership fees are due on November 1st each year and membership lapses if fees are not paid within 30 days.

3.4 Any financial member may resign from the association by making a written application submitted to the Secretary.

3.5 Any member for the timebeing of the Association will be granted reasonable compensation out of the assets of the association against any liability incurred by him/her in such capacity in defending any proceedings, whether civil or criminal, in which judgement is given in his/her favour or in which he/she is acquitted or in which relief is granted to him/her by the court in respect of any negligence, default, breach of duty or breach of trust, Any such person acting in relation to the affairs of the Association will likewise be compensated out of the assets of the Association from and against all actions, claims, demands, costs and expenses which he/she might incur or sustain by or by reason of any action incurred in or omitted in or about the execution of his/her duty or supposed duty with or for the Association except such (if any) by or through his/her own wilful neglect.


4.1 The Annual General Meeting will be held in the month of July each year and members will be given notice in writing at least fourteen days before such meeting.

4.2 The President's Annual report and balance sheet will be submitted to members at the Annual General Meeting.

4.3 Notices of Motion to be brought before the Annual General Meeting must be received by the Secretary 30 days before the meeting to be included in the Agenda circularised to the members with their notification of the date of the Annual General Meeting.

4.4 The election of Office Bearers, Committee and Delegates for the ensuing twelve months will take place at the Annual General Meeting.

4.5 General Meetings may be called by the President, Secretary, any three members of the Committee or at the written request of any ten financial members.

Any General meeting must be held within 30 days of such a request and members must be notified at least ten days beforehand.

4.6 The association President will be Chairman at all meetings or the Vice President in his/her absence.

If no Vice President is present then the meeting will elect one of their number to the chair.

4.7 At all meetings the Chairman's decision on points of order will be final.

4.8 The Chairman will have a casting vote in addition to his/her deliberate vote.

4.9 The quorum for a General Meeting will be six members present.

4.10 If there is no quorum present within thirty minutes of the appointed time the meeting will lapse unless a majority of the members present decide to adjourn the meeting fourteen days.

If there is no quorum again the meeting will lapse.


5.1 A Management Committee will be appointed at the Annual General Meeting to handle the business affairs of the Association.

5.2 The Committee will have the power to act on behalf of the club between meetings,

Any action taken must be approved by four Committee members and endorsed at the next Committee meeting.

5.3 All Committee members must be financial members of the Association,

5.4 The Committee Office Bearers, elected at the Annual General Meeting will be the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Race Committee and other members elected from time to time.

5.5 Should a vacancy arise on the Committee, the remaining Office Bearers have the power to appoint a financial member to fill the unexpired term of office.

5.6 The Committee will meet at any time found necessary for the successful running of the Association; the quorum for a Management Committee meeting will be four members present.


6.1 The Secretary will carry out all the secretarial duties under the direction of the Committee, keep a true record of all meetings, attend to correspondence, issue notices of meetings and carry out such duties as the Committee may direct.

6.2 The Treasurer will receive all monies payable to the Association.

All monies will be promptly banked in the Association's bank account.

The Treasurer will keep proper books of account of all monies received and dispersed and present at each General Meeting a balance of the finances of the Association.


7.1 The financial year will be from the 1st July to the 30th June.

7.2 All monies received will be paid into the account of the Association at such bank as the Committee directs.

7.3 No monies will be withdrawn from the Association's banking account unless endorsed by the bank signatures as authorised by the Committee.


Trustees will be appointed to be responsible for keeping records of all property, real and personal, belonging to the Association.


9.1 The property, income and assets of the Association will be applied towards its promotion and objects and no portion will be paid or transferred to the profit of members generally.

9.2 Should the Association cease to function, all monies and assets will be forwarded to the Committee.

9.3 In the event of the Association ceasing to function, the Committee will select another club or body with similar interests and objects for the disposition of all monies and assets. No club member will benefit personally from the elected winding-up.


This will be the only Constitution of the Australian Time Trials Association and will not be altered or varied, added to or repealed unless approved by a two-thirds majority of financial members present at an Annual general meeting or a Special General meeting called for the purpose.