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Bib Category Cat
Lap1 Lap2 Lap3 Lap4 Total Speed Standard Time Std
1 12 Tom Barratt 40-49M 1 1:07:32 1:08:40 1:10:24 0:39:33 4:06:08.2 39.2 40:40 1 Puncture 4th leg
2 16 Darren Powell 40-49M 2 1:11:09 1:12:34 1:15:16 0:37:41 4:16:40.3 37.6 35:27 4  
3 11 Adrian Berthelsen 40-49M 3 1:09:54 1:13:30 1:20:46 0:38:28 4:22:38.5 36.7 21:45 5 Puncture lap 3
4 9 Paul van der Walt 50-59M 1 1:13:44 1:15:38 1:16:29 0:37:18 4:23:09.6 36.7 39:37 2 PB
5 8 Steff Van Amerongen 30-39F 1 1:13:26 1:13:39 1:21:52 0:37:20 4:26:17.6 36.2 37:34 3 Course record; Puncture 3rd leg; PB
6 2 Sabine Bird 30-39F 2 1:24:08               DNF; puncture 800m short of lap 1
46km Option
1 27 Troy Coulthard 40-49M 1 1:06:16       1:06:15.6 41.7 09:52 1  
2 26 Adam Scott 50-59M 1 1:26:38       1:26:37.9 31.9 -07:26 2  
92km Option
1 14 Allison Hass 40-49F 1 1:27:22 1:31:20     2:58:42.5 31.0 -04:48 1  
2 18 Adrian Kenny 40-49M 1 1:29:02 1:33:54     3:02:55.9 30.3 -23:52 2 Puncture
3 15 Robyn Richmond 40-49F 2 1:44:51               DNF punctures



Race Report

Black as yer hat, it was, and damp when we arrived to begin the set-up. The lightning show on the way down to Pinjarra had convinced a bunch of those that did make it to the Trots parking that laps of the Pinjarra|West Coolup course was not for them today and some at least heard the early call of the coffee shop.
Megan Stalker was one but she left behind freshly baked banana bread, so is easily forgiven. Kim van A and Colin Rose had also decided riding was not for them - they were only scheduled to do the one-lapper and were part of our helper contingent anyway. So they each earned many points. In fact we had exactly as many people assisting the show's progress as riding it.

And, despite the grim forebodings, those that rode were rapt in the conditions: 'best ever' was the gist of it. And Steff largely proved that by returning as the 160km women's champ with a PB that was also a COURSE RECORD despite a puncture on lap 3 - another gold to her year's collection plus a third place in the Masters category. Nineteen kilometers with a tailwind; a mild 20 degree air temperature and only a little dampness was a big contrast, for example, to the 40deg+ with a SW-ly riders had back in January for the 40/80 event. Steff also did damage to the previous 92km record in her first two laps.

Congratulations to Tom Barratt too. Like Steff he collected a gold medal (two, in fact) and a puncture. The puncture grems were obviously out there to do their worst despite another superb effort put in by Alex Cairnduff yesterday - clearing the course of debris. Jeff Usher had organsed the helper roster with himself marshal of the final corner; Colin Rose did a few sweeps of the course, the first to return puncture victim Robyn; Kim vanA was our BWTM overseer plus coffee grinder and relief for shift 1 (Chris Gaskell) down at the Forrest Hwy entrance; John Andrews shared stories with Joe Grasso down at the far end of the course, they guided riders through to Old Bunbury Road and, although it was not feasible to set up the intermediate timing there today, John did monitor riders' progress; Troy had begun the set-up in the blackness already mentioned, packed things away again, took and published pics; and did a quick 41.7km/h lap to be the first across the finish line today; and Lorraine found plenty to keep herself occupied despite having spent the past few weeks officiating at the Games on the Gold Coast; and for all that we're grateful - especially the riding cohort. Woops, I almost ignored him: Adrian Berthelsen was the first rider to appear at the rego desk because he doubled up by being the drinks waiter - and yes, avoided the jinx that has dogged our drinks people this season (apart from a puncture on lap 3); and earned a bronze medal - well done!


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