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Application for Membership 2021-22

Membership will be effected only when the membership fee has been paid.

  • If you wish to pay by credit card or PayPal through a secure site (Register Now), click here now: This method includes an option for Family Memberships. Check the currency of your membership if you have used this method to join.

  • If you wish to pay by EFT through your bank fill out the form below and send it. You will then be shown a page with our Banking details.
    (Family Memberships by EFT: submit a copy of the form below for each family member. Only one payment is required, of course).
  • ATTA Rules (constitution); race rules; contacts can be found HERE

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In consideration of the australian time trials association inc. accepting my application for membership, I agree that the association, its members and officials will not be held responsible for any personal injury or property damage or loss suffered by me. I also release the association from any liability for negligence.

I acknowledge that in Time Trials I will be riding at my own risk, usually on public roads with other traffic and must obey traffic regulations. I further understand that Time Trialling is an endurance sport that requires a high degree of fitness and accept the risk that I may suffer illness or injury if I take part in such a sport while insufficiently fit or healthy.

I further agree I accept the association's rules for race conduct and understand that, where severe weather conditions or other hazardous situations occur before or during any Time Trial, the organisers have the right to cancel, postpone or otherwise modify the event and entry fees may not be refundable.

ATTA is an organisation run by members, voluntarily, and, as a member, you may be asked to assist at events.

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