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Good Friday 20
30 Mar 2018

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In consideration of the Australian Time Trials Association Inc. accepting my application to ride in this event, I agree that the association, its members and officials will not be held responsible for any personal injury or property damage or loss suffered by me. I also release the association from any liability for negligence.
I acknowledge that in time trials I will be riding at my own risk, usually on public roads with other traffic where I must obey traffic regulations. I further understand that time trialling is an endurance sport which requires a high degree of physical fitness and accept the risk that I may suffer illness or injury if I take part in such a sport while insufficiently fit or healthy.
I further agree to accept the association's rules for race conduct and understand where severe weather conditions or other hazardous situations occur before or during any time trial, the organisers have the right to cancel, postpone or otherwise modify the event and entry fees may not be refundable.
Finally, if I accept the loan of a timing transponder, I accept the responsibility for the return of the device in good condition at the end of the event and agree to reimburse ATTA for its loss or damage.

Sending this form implies the person named herein has agreed to the above conditions.

ATTA members on the Reserves list will have priority in replacing cancellations.

You will be contacted by txt message or email when a vacancy becomes available.
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Bryan Staring
Hwai Yee Wong
Blake kappler
Joshua Howe
Luke Austin
Carle Green
Ryan willmot
Briee Rogers
Thierry maye
John Sonego
Jim Green
Derek Munro
Steff Van Amerongen
Jake Broadby
Joshua Lindsay
Patrick Saccani-Williams
Nick Florido
Jon Gregg
Quan Mai
Peter Carlin
David Thompson
Peter Carlin
Shelby Corbett
Ryan Miller
Allan Bowes
Pieter Nienaber
Zoe Corcoran
Simon Hinton
Matt Howlett
Kira Howlett
Kate Nelligan
Ryan Miller
Sarah Young
Brad Robson
Mike Halls
Chris Reid
Peter Escott
Kim Van amerongen
Ross Forzatti
Paul Mackay
Richard Gerritse
Ben king
Darren Shanahan
Patrick Roe
Michael Roe
Steve Knight
Sash Taylor
Alan Gibson
Paul Maine
Oli Stenning
Chris Coote
Ian Gray
Tom Kavanagh
Allister Caird
Andrew White
Mandy Coles
Julie Humphreys
Paul Humphreys
Troy Coulthard
Martin Hendrick
Nigel Stella
Paul Prottey
Shannon Arnott
Anna Schwartz
Tom Barratt
David Equid
Deb Kempe
Mark de Castro
Jade Chow
Ian skidmore
Joe Battaglia
John Madigan
Richard Williams
Richard Langsford
Peter Lundberg
Lennon McLintock
Michelle McLintock
Daniel Sonnabend
Javier Vasquez
Jo Blacker
Kevin McIlduff
Darren Wright
Stuart Macaulay
Diane Humphrey
Gregory McManus
Sandii Mcmanus
Neil McDougall
Marty Richardson
Andy Brierley
Guy Pritchard
Ian Turner
Tyler Sujdovic
Paul Borrett
Andree Carr
Phil Parr
Brian Saunders
Andrew Bannister
Magnus Rudisele
Thomas Bruins
Will Wishart
Megan Stalker
Melanie Foley
Jonathan Lewis
Ami Wee
Liam Walker
Sam Flockhart
Michael Claffey
Myles Allen
ben massey
Karl Mcintyre
Peter Vaughan
Jenny Sammons
Bruce Powell
Allan Bowes
Col Tierney
Ian Dalton
Shannon Miraglia
Luba Kovalenko
Alex Cairnduff
chris glasby
Lorraine MacLennan
Glenda Wilson
Benjamin Maher
Joseph Grasso
Theresa Smith
Stu Helm
Sue Veale
Adam Scott
Belinda Evans
Craig James
Peter Neuzerling
Nick Cowie
Phil Gyford
Jo McInnes
Mark Berry
Tracey Hassell
Eamon Dorricott
Lachlan Connan
Matthew Connan
Greg Swensen
Guy Pritchard
Wendy Meggison
Gregor McNab
Jerard Ghossein
Paul Laidman
Joey Chau
Alex Bell
Grant chambers
Sam Hacking
Paul Williams
Andrew Levalds
Col Tierney
Matthew Tognini
Sally Churchill
Melissa Robinson
Andrew Dawson
Kevin Barlow
Don Dragicevich
Andrew Candy
Alison Ramm
Greg Perry
James Martin
Chris Gaskell
Travis George
Paul van der Walt
Paul van der Walt
Hayden Long