ATTA is an association of individuals, bike riders who wish to pursue their sport of road time-trialling with regular, organised events on a range of courses varying in the sort of challenge each offers and at distances ranging from about 16km to 160km and to promote the sport to encourage other bike riders to participate. ATTA was founded in 1988 by a group of riders who saw the need for a specialist club to cater for Time Triallists in WA; they took over the running of a number of events which had been run for a number of years by the former WA Veterans Cycling Association that eventually merged with ATTA. At the time of its formation ATTA was the only such specialist group in Australia. Although without any formal commitment now, there is a loosely affiliated group that has been operating in NSW since 1993 and from the 2002-2003 season, another group, ATTA-Tas (Titta) somewhat revitalised cycling in the Hobart area. It ran a very well-attended and enthusiastically-received series of evening TTs (short but tough) plus other flattish, hilly and MTB events; all, more or less in association with the other local clubs. It also created the Mt Wellington Challenge. Unfortunately 2006 was the last season for Titta as we knew it. However, in January 2007 ATTA-Vic began organising TTs in Victoria with a core of enthusiatic members riding on a monthly basis on a variety of courses. Unfortunately it didn't continue into 2008 and despite a number of enquiries about how to revive it, ATTA-Vic appears to have faded away. Attempts have been made to stimulate interest in SA and Queensland.

At Special Executive meetings in WA held on Dec 8, 2002 & Dec 9, 2003 resolutions were carried that:
"The ATTA group operating in NSW (Dec '02 and Tasmania, Dec '03), while operating under our common guidelines and sharing a number of resources with its affiliated, foundation group in WA is essentially an autonomous entity which should be entirely responsible for its own finances…" Of course we also share our aspirations. ATTA-NSW Pty Ltd is now a registered company in that state (ACN 126 811 032; ABN 37 126 811 032)

We have ventured off-road, particularly during the winter months, into the realm of MTB time-trialling. This has slackened off in WA for some time now such that we only have one such event a year.


Time-trialling involves matching one's current fitness and abilities on a bike against the external milieu of road, distance, weather and the clock. That is, it involves getting on your bike and going like the clappers until you've covered the predetermined distance. (Others may use other terms and descriptions, probably less kind, for what we do!) The rules are simple but the most important phrase in our vocabulary is "alone and unassisted". That is, with one or two exceptions, we ride always as individuals; we start at one minute, sometimes shorter intervals and take no deliberate assistance from other riders or other traffic. Occasionally we may ride as pairs (or 2-Up teams); very occasionally we ride as larger teams.

In a sense the sport is non-competitive; individuals are testing themselves. There are, of course, rivalries and we publish lists of who went fastest on the day and so on. But there are no losers; each individual has his or her own goals whether they are standards (eg from a set of times based on age and gender) or perhaps a sub-hour for a 40km; perhaps a course record but certainly, always that elusive personal best (PB). The courses vary: some are flat and potentially fast, others are undulating and some very undulating. Not all courses are standard distances eg 16, 40, 50, 80 & 160km but they are usually close to one of them because, pointless as it may be, we do like to compare times across courses and often continents. Anyway, we always also express all our results as average speeds which makes it easier for us to consider a season's performances together.

Time trials are what win Tours de France and are called, quite properly, the Race of Truth.
Time trials are what triathletes do on the bike in Triathlons (although the purity of the TT ethos has become a little tainted in some classes of event over the years)

As with many things, Wikipedia is a source of some good, descriptive information on TTing: see the page on Individual Time Trial


In the broadest sense you need at least a pair of wheels and some form of non-motorised propulsion. The occasional tandem was once seen fairly regularly; we have had Penny Farthings, trikes, hand-cycles, standard racing chairs and varieties of recumbent participating in our races. The basis of our approach is that if somebody can 'ride' in safety, we will try to accommodate them.

You can spend sqillions on a bike if you have a mind to; it's not necessary and it will only cost you $30 to join ATTA for a year (less if you are over 60 or under 16). Race entry fees are also kept low to encourage riders to try the sport (but we need to cover our costs). So, we don't collect large buckets of entry fees to offer prizemonies to a few elite riders to support their 'habits'. The incentive in Time-trialling is the search for the Time. We take some pride in the fact that we are a pretty egalitarian mob.

Not all who ride our events are committed testers. Some riders are triathletes or roadies who see time trials as a useful adjunct to their training program, others are newcomers to cycling who want to see if the sport has anything to offer them or want to see how their level of fitness compares to others'. They may be ex-riders wishing to return to cycling who also want some hard riding in order to assess their progress. For whatever reasons riders participate, the thing is that riders of all levels of ability can ride in the one event; raw novices with seasoned internationals, even World Champions; the hard men with the weekend warrior; blokes and girlies; young and old: there's something in it for most tastes

ATTA is affiliated with CycleSport WA and ATTA membership entitles you to buy a Cycling Australia road-racing licence—'Elite' or 'Masters'. Alternatively you may take out a Ride Licence (the actual term varies from year to year). These are restricted licences in the sense that you are not entitled to ride in 'fully competitive' events; they may be upgraded to a full racing licence at any time by paying the difference in fees. But whatever flavour of licence you buy you are covered for Public Liability and Personal Accident whenever you ride; that includes designated training rides. See the Cycling Australia site for a more comprehensive explanation of their membership and licence structure.

ATTA was affiliated with the Bicycle Transporation Alliance in WA. The BTA was committed to working to promote the provision of and improvement to cycling facilities generally in the state. It was wound up in 2016 because of lack of funding.
In 2011 ATTA became an Affiliate member of the newly-formed WestCycle that was created as the Peak cycling body in the State.

ATTA maintains its own Public Liabilty, Management and Personal Accident policies that apply to its events. Hence riders do not need CA membership to participate in our events.


Last modified: August 4, 2018