ATTA and Electronic Timing

In June 2008 ATTA expanded its timing system at events to include 'chip' timing. The system we are using, MyLaps Prochip, is an active transponder system (it uses small battery-powered transmitting devices attached to the bike or rider).

We back-up the electronic system with manual timing so no rider completing a race has failed to receive a finish time. We use custom-made software: J.attaTime developed over many years and closely integrated with our race management system and results database.
Throughout events progress results are posted to the 'net.

From mid-2013 we began to use a variation on the classic Prochip, the Prochip Flex. It functions in the same way as the Classic but its function is based on a subscription for a 1-, 2- or 5-year period. ATTA has replaced Classic units as they reach the end of their lives with subscription based units. The advantage of the Flex is that, for the duration of the subscription, the unit carries an unlimited warranty. An expired subscription can be renewed online.
It is possible to purchase the Flex units with subscriptions for all periods, online from MyLaps.
Alternatively, we will usually have some of the 5-year subscription units available, at cost, to ATTA members.

A $5 levy is added to the race entry fee for transponders loaned to riders.

It is possible to use the transponder wherever the MyLaps ProChip system is in use. Riders who have purchased a personal transponder through another club can use it in ATTA events; if you haven't done so previously, let us know you have your own device when you register for one of our events.

Click HERE for EFT details for transponder payments


Subscription Renewals

Warranty requests:

Email Laacey in the Sydney office.