Healthy Club Policy

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ATTA subscribes to and endeavours to promote the principles of 'Health in Sport': active participation in Cycling is related to its potential to contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

The nature of Time-Trialling allows riders to ride at a level that suits their particular level of physical fitness and it rewards self-improvement; it encourages riders to achieve personal goals. To encourage participation while allowing riders to ride within their abilities many of our races are arranged so that alternatives to riding only the designated distance are available: for example, by choosing courses that are circuits any number of laps may be ridden and times for each lap will be available.

ATTA focusses on specific health issues in several areas:

Safety. Because we ride on public roads we are obliged to comply with the rules of the road and, although much of the onus is on the riders to do this we do make every effort to ensure that hazards are avoided or minimised by ensuring:

Appropriately maintained First Aid kits are always available at events and we have a number of accredited First Aid personnel; contacts for and location of emergency treatment facilities are maintained in the First Aid kits and at the race registration point.
As well as Public Liability insurance cover, ATTA maintains limited cover for Personal Injury for all participants in events.

ATTA safety strategies are regularly reviewed by the management committee as part of its Risk Management Policy

This policy was last reviewed: November 26, 2018