If you are contemplating your first ride with ATTA, here's a pdf download that will explain the first steps for you.

ATTA members: Qualify for the Hillies and BAR (Best All-round Rider)

  • To qualify for Hilly Classic Series: starts in 5 rides are needed.  Each event has points allocated for both fastest times and Standards based results. The Hilly trophy is shared by the riders with the greatest points tallies in the categories: Fastest time; Women and Standards. 
  • BAR qualifying requirements: 200 points with rides at 16km 40km 80km plus a Hilly Classic. (A maximum of 3 x16s, 3 x 40s & 2 x 80s will be counted). Winners of the HART Trophy (both men's & women's categories) will be qualifiers* with the best "average" speed calculated from the best performances at each of the qualifying distances which will include 16km, 40km, 80km plus either the Hilly 7 or the 160km.

*It is a qualifying requirement for both the BAR and Hilly series of the Summer program that riders must assist at TWO events by either marshalling or arranging for someone else to marshal in their place. Assistance at a Hilly event will count as a completed ride for the series (although not, of course, gaining any points towards the trophy).
Please note: for some events it is possible to share help between several members so you can also ride the event; at other events you may get a decent ride by, say, marshalling at a turnaround point and riding out there.

When can you help: In the above table, click on the 'HELP' link in the column to the right of any event in which you would be prepared to assist.

2019-20 season: Members $10; Non-members $15
Membership subscriptions: $35 pa; $20 (<18 or >60)

Additionally, a $5 levy will apply if a timing transponder is loaned to a rider at an event. Special rates will apply to The Early-bird series and the Championship events. Discounts will apply to members.

Marshalling at a couple of races will more than cover your membership as well as fulfilling one of the qualifying requirements for the BAR and Hillies.

For most events, pre-register to make sure of a start; but pre-allocated numbers are only held up to 15min before the sheduled start time for that bib-number and may then be re-allocated. The start schedule will be posted four days before the event in most cases and you will be notified by email.
If you pre-register and then find yourself unable to ride please call or
SMS 0408 902 349 and let us know.
Acceptance of pre-registrations is at the discretion of the event organisers.

ON RACE DAY your registration is completed when you sign-on and pick up your number (and transponder if you don't have your own).

Please Note: Most of our events are run on open roads and are subject to the rules of the Road Traffic Act. In WA this, for instance means helmets must meet the standards specified by AS/NZS 2063 and carry a sticker indicating they have been certified as such. A number of Aero style helmets have been approved and are available in Australia. Helmets that can be worn in Triathlons run on closed roads or helmets sourced overseas may NOT qualify.
Random checks will be made at events.

Clicking the Venues will take you to relevant course maps.

  • If an event is fully subscribed OR after the start list for an event has been first published, a Reserves list will operate.
  • If the event has not been fully subscribed when the start schedule is first posted, late entries will be added to the end of the start order. Or, if places are vacant, they will replace riders who withdraw prior to the event.
    Members will have priority for start list places;
  • Members who own their own transponders will have start-list places assured UNLESS the field is very large.
    The start schedule will be updated until the afternoon before the event.

AGE RESTRICTIONS: There are some age restrictions for ATTA events
For events on open roads, for added safety, we require all riders to have a flashing rear light on their bike.

WA Summer 2019-20
Subscribe to iCal calendar 2020; .ics download; PDF download (Summer program)

If you can assist at an event
Add your name to our helper roster using the "HELP?" links below.
Here's some info on the tasks we need done.

Event enquiries
  Date km Register Event Venue Time BAR
November 3 39

Hilly Classic 1
Season Opener

Gidge 'A' 07:30 15

A new season begins…
Parking and registration at the Gidge Primary School in Bunning Rd

5 17 Early-Bird 1 Kings Park 06:00 5 START LIST HELP
17 40 Serpentine 40 Serpentine 07:30 10

20km Option

19 17 Early-Bird 2 Kings Park 06:00 5 START LIST HELP
24 20 Short, sharp 20 Champion Lakes 07:30 5


December 3 17 Early-Bird 3 Kings Park 06:00 5 START LIST HELP
8 40 Hilly Classic 2 Chidlow|Bailup Rd 07:30 15 START LIST HELP
17 17 Early-Bird 4 Kings Park 06:00 5 START LIST HELP
22 39 Hilly Classic 3 Chidlow|Wundowie 07:30 15 START LIST HELP
29 39 Hilly Classic 4 Gidge 'A' 07:30 15 START LIST HELP
31 17 Early-Bird 5 Kings Park 06:00 5 START LIST HELP
7 17 Early-Bird 6 Kings Park 06:00 5 START LIST HELP
12 46 Pinjarra 46 Pinjarra|West Coolup 07:30 12 START LIST HELP
19 40 Hopeland 40 Hopeland 07:30 10 START LIST HELP
21 17 Early-Bird 7 Kings Park 06:00 5 START LIST HELP
Early-Bird Presentations Zamia Café, Kings Park 08:00
26 3 WA Hillclimb Championship Canning Mills Rd, Kelmscott 07:00 5 START LIST HELP
February 9 40 Herne Hill 40 Herne Hill 07:30 10 20km Option
16 27 Hilly Classic 5 Chidlow 'B' 07:30 15 START LIST HELP
March 1 45 Hilly Classic 6 Chidlow 'C' 07:15 15 22km Option


8 25 Lakes Day 25k Champion Lakes 07:30 8


15 83 WA 80km ITT Championships Wandi 07:15 25

25km & 42km Options

Entry closing date: Tuesday 10th March


29 40 WA 40km ITT Championships
Wandi 07:15 10

25km Option

Entry closing date: Tuesday 24th March

Rider List




Good Friday 20
Champion Lakes 07:30 5 HELP
39 Hilly Classic 7
Gidge 'C' 08:00 20 Parking and registration at the Gidge Primary School in Bunning Rd

Rider List

19 161 WA 160km ITT Championships
Pinjarra 07:30 50

46 & 92km options

Entry closing date: Tuesday 14th April

May 10 20 Season Close
(Mothers' Day Special)
Champion Lakes 08:00 5 HELP

Event enquiries: 0408 902 349
Race Rules

Winter 2020
  Date km Register Event Venue Time BAR
June 1 20 Winter by the Lakes 1 Champion Lakes 08:00  
21 20 Winter by the Lakes 2 Champion Lakes 08:00  
July 12 20 Winter by the Lakes 3 Champion Lakes 08:00  
August 2 20 Winter by the Lakes 4 Champion Lakes 08:00  
9   WestCycle Junior ITT Championships Champion Lakes  

September 6 20 Winter by the Lakes 5 Champion Lakes 07:30  
27 20 Winter by the Lakes 6 Champion Lakes 07:30  
October 18 28 The 'Gents' Hopeland 07:30   2-UP(pairs) event
Solo option
Season 2021
  Date km Register Event Venue Time BAR
November 1 20 Season Opener 2020-21 Champion Lakes 07:30 5

Season 2021 begins …

The Southwest Cycle Club and Busselton CC

Results of SWCC and BCC TT events are added to the ATTA results database.

Marg Stoffers ITT Summer Series – Dardanup
November 20
December 4 18
January 15 29
February 12  
ITT Summer Series – Wonnerup
November 13 27
December 11
January 29
February 19 26 Cancelled


ATTA-NSW rides at Calga:
Start at 08:00

2020 Season
  February 2
March1 Cancelled April 5 Cancelled
May3 June 14 Cancelled July 5 Cancelled August 2 Cancelled
September 6 October 11 Cancelled November 1 Cancelled December 6 Cancelled

Race entries are made through buncheur.com

ATTA-NSW event results are posted to this site's result database.

ATTA-NSW is affiliated with Cycling-NSW.
It no longer has any formal association with Australian Time Trials Association Inc.

Contact: Brad Craft for all ATTA-NSW membership and race enquiries.